The art of SEO

About the cover picture: There are days that I’m into colors, the brighter the better. Then there are days that nothing but monochromatic images seem to catch my eye. I guess this was one of those days. My friend Linda is actually a very happy person, though you wouldn’t know it from this photo. Actually, she was slightly annoyed because I must have asked her to adjust her pose a dozen times. Anyway, I love this image and hope you enjoy it too.

So the art of SEO… well, it is true, the more I get under the hood of Google and what it takes to rank a website, the greater respect I have for the “art” of search engine optimization. Especially where local SEO is concerned, it seems that no longer is it sufficient to create a bunch of content with the anchor text phoenix seo and get on the first page.

Yes, the science matters just as much as the art. Check out this video to learn more about digital marketing and the reason many experts today consider search engine optimization to be a silver bullet for FREE traffic from Google.