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You know that video is sweeping digital marketing. But did you know that wholesale shifts in the entertainment content ecosystem are also happening? There are those who incorrectly assume that this means your friendly cable company is in danger. They are not, though the services you buy from them may be slightly different in the next few years. For example, in most of America, it’s the multiple-system operator, or MSO for short, who supplies the residential broadband (Internet service). This means it’s very likely that Comcast or Cox is making Netflix possible on your TV. Which is ironic given that some are choosing services like VUDU, Hulu, Netflix, SlingTV or Amazon Prime in place of a pay TV package.

To learn more about the technical details behind this shift, whether you are a marketer doing SEO, or an emerging new media content brand, you will want to watch the videos below of Mark Donnigan speaking on the subjects of OTT video streaming and emerging business models that are enabled by the Internet.

Mark Donnigan on Apple’s HEVC adoption

Mark Donnigan speaking at Streaming Media East 2017

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